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FAQ about teeth whitening in Springfield, MA

Q. Why do my teeth look darker than they did five years ago?
A. Eating and drinking foods and beverages that are dark in color can stain the teeth. Items that are common culprits include coffee, tea, red wine, berries, chocolate, and red sauce.

Q. I enjoy foods and beverages that are common causes of darkened teeth. Is there anything I can do other than give those up?
A. Ideally, you should limit the consumption of items that stain your teeth. However, if you can't give up your morning coffee or dark chocolate you can try to limit the effects by brushing your teeth immediately afterwards. If you're not able to brush, try rinsing with mouthwash or water.

Q. My teeth already look yellow or dark; can I whiten them on my own?
A. Many drugstores and grocery stores sell over the counter (OTC) brands of whitening toothpaste, white strips, and gel systems. While these can give you some results, patients are often disappointed, as their teeth don't lighten as much as they had hoped.

Q. What are my options for professional teeth whitening?
A. Teeth whitening can be done under the supervision of a dental professional either in the dentist's office or in your own home. Teeth whitening done in the office typically involves use of a whitening gel and special light. Results, of up to six shades lighter, are achieved in approximately an hour.

Teeth whitening done at home uses customized trays that are created specifically to fit your mouth. The trays are filled with a whitening gel and used for several hours or overnight. Results can be as dramatic as in-office whitening, but are achieved over time, usually two weeks. The trays and gel can also be used for touch ups following in-office or at-home treatment.

Q. What are the risks of teeth whitening?
A. Teeth whitening, done under the care of a dentist, has been proven effective and safe. Some patients do report tooth sensitivity for one to three days following the treatment. Not only is professional teeth whitening safe, it's considered the treatment to have the most dramatic results.

Q. I've had dental work done. Can I still whiten my teeth?
A. It depends. Some dental procedures that use artificial teeth or replacement pieces will stain but not lighten. The best way to be sure is to work with Dr. Kanorwalla of Vanguard Dental to assess your teeth and determine the best way to get the results you want.

Q. What is the best toothpaste to use after my teeth have been professionally whitened?
A. The best toothpaste is one that you like and will use at least twice a day. You can use whitening type once or twice a week; all other times you should use regular to ensure you don't damage your teeth with the abrasives in the whitening toothpaste.

Dr. Yogita Kanorwalla of Vanguard Dental in Springfield, MA helps her patients achieve the smile they've always wanted. Don't let years of coffee, chocolate, or pasta sauce cause you to hide your smile. Call today to schedule a consultation and be on your way to a younger, happier, brighter smile!
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